2022 Isuzu MU-X 3500kg Towing capacity and payload: how much can you really carry?

The 2022 Isuzu MU-X four-wheel drive has the highest braking towing capacity among its direct competitors-rated at 3,500 kg instead of the average of 3,000 kg or 3,100 kg.
However, when there is a maximum weight on the towing ball, the driver will be limited by a significant reduction in the payload inside the vehicle.
CarAdvice’s calculations show that when there are 3,500 kg behind the Isuzu MU-X in 2022, the payload capacity of the vehicle will be reduced to between 225 kg and 315 kg (depending on the model), which must also include the driver, any passengers and luggage — —And any accessories installed on the vehicle.
The early version of this story was passed from the total combined mass (vehicles, trailers, luggage, accessories, and everyone on board continue to operate).
This is a common misunderstanding because in some cases, this method can be applied to certain vehicles towing certain trailer weights.
This explains why so many vacationers unknowingly drive more than the total vehicle mass of the tractor, the total combined mass, or a combination of both.
However, towing experts recommend that you also need to consider and calculate the payload of the vehicle by subtracting the weight of the vehicle and the weight of the towing ball from the total mass of the vehicle (the weight on the hook is usually 10% of the total weight of the trailer).
The total mass of a vehicle is the maximum weight of a particular vehicle design-including the weight of the vehicle itself, as well as the weight of the people and goods on the vehicle.
However, contrary to popular belief, the downward weight of the trailer must be part of the total vehicle mass and added to the vehicle’s curb weight-because it will cause downward weight on the vehicle’s suspension, steering, and other mechanical components.
CarAdvice’s calculations found that the remaining vehicle payload of the 2022 Isuzu MU-X when towing a 3500 kg trailer is moderate, ranging from 225 kg to 315 kg, and when towing a 3000 kg trailer, its average payload is 325 kg to 365 kg.
Importantly, compared with a 3500 kg trailer, the 2022 Isuzu MU-X will not increase its payload by 500 kg when towing a 3000 kg trailer because it is limited by the total mass of its designated vehicle.
Competitor vehicles such as Toyota Prado (340 kg to 450 kg), Toyota Fortune (345 kg to 370 kg), Mitsubishi Pajero Sport (370 kg to 430 kg), and Ford Everest 3.2-liter variant (363 kg to 367 kg) The payload capacity is higher than the Isuzu MU-X when towing a 3000 kg trailer in 2022.
CarAdvice released the following two sets of data. The first set of data is a simplified version that compares the remaining payload of each vehicle when towing at the claimed maximum capacity-next to it is the column of remaining payload when each vehicle tows 3000 kg (compare all vehicles with the same trailer weight) vehicle).
The detailed data at the bottom of this story shows our calculations-including the maximum towing capacity of each vehicle, which tows 3000 kilograms per vehicle.
We include 10% of the ball weight (10% of the total trailer weight) in our calculations for all towing scenarios, because this is an industry standard.
These detailed data explain why it is important to calculate the payload based on the total mass of the vehicle and calculate the theoretical payload based on the total combined mass.
As you will see, the payload of some vehicles is restricted by GVM, while the payload of other vehicles is restricted by GCM. In rare cases, certain vehicles have the same remaining vehicle payload in both cases.
In the second set of data, according to our calculations, the numbers in bold are legal payloads (there is a tick next to them). The other payload numbers listed in the second set of data are theoretical payloads, which attract a lot of people (there is a cross next to them).
If there is a cross next to the payload number, it is because it exceeds GCM or GVM (it varies from vehicle to vehicle and varies with the weight of the trailer).
This information is for reference only. We have made every effort to ensure its accuracy, but the manufacturer may change it without notice.
Be sure to check the details with each manufacturer to understand which vehicles are suitable for your towing and payload needs.
Note: An earlier version of this story published incorrect calculations, and now the table has been revised.

Post time: Aug-04-2021